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Robert Noell got his start selling Fords in Southern California back in the early-1980's. His sales talent and training abilities were spotted by a Ford sales t...
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Most trainers stay far away from the sales floor. Robert Noell welcomes the opportunity to show your sales staff new techniques in the showroom. Techniques ...
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Guest Concepts 1st Pencil presentation software and process provides a customer friendly approach to negotiations that enhances profitability, increases close r...
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Robert Noell TestimonialThe Robert Noell program is one of the best programs for gaining volume and gross that I have ever seen. We have used other programs (such as Control) which were good in many aspects, but they were not in tune with today's market. The essence of the Robert Noell program is that it goes to the heart of the business, and places the responsibility on the people who should have it, the sales managers. The basics and principles are good, but this program goes beyond that to the application (the how to do it) and make it work. It has increased our business in gross and volume.

Greg Middlekauff
President | Middlekauff Lincoln/Mercury
Salt Lake City, Utah


Using techniques from the Total Selling Concept sales training website, your salespeople will be better equipped to handle what REAL customers throw at them every day. [more]

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