Certification Program

1st Pencil Certified

Our certification process assures your salespeople and management are confident in the technique and delivery of the First Pencil closing tools.

Proven Results...

  • Increased Gross Profits
  • Increased Closing Ratios
  • Increased Retention of Sales Professionals
  • Increased CSI Scores

Certification Program Overview...

  • The Certification Program requires the salespeople to role-play, practice, and master their delivery of the tried and proven word-tracks and technique's for each of the First Pencil closing tools, as presented on the Robert Noell and Associates training website.
  • Salesperson must master one level before moving to the next.
  • Certification requires effort and rigorous training by the salesperson and is designed for the committed professional.
  • Salespeople must learn, master, and role-play the presentation in each lesson before moving on to the next First Pencil technique. Once all levels have been mastered, your salesperson will receive acknowledgment befitting a Robert Noell & Associates First Pencil Certified Graduate.

Certification provides you and your management team the confidence and belief, that when the negotiating begins, your sales people have trained and are prepared to meet the challenge of each closing opportunity.

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