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Guest Concepts - 1st Pencil Software and Selling Process

Guest Concepts 1st Pencil presentation software and process provides a customer friendly approach to negotiations that enhances profitability, increases close rates, reduces negotiation times and improves Customer Satisfaction rates. Let us show you how 1st Pencil can increase your results.

Guest Concepts provides a fresh approach to selling cars and presenting numbers. We help you teach your Salespeople not to ask the questions that will ultimately undermine the sale at the negotiation stage. The Guest Concepts software helps you instantly create a Customer-Friendly presentation that helps you get off of price and onto Payment and Down Payment which are the motivating factors in most Car buying decisions.

1st Pencil is the Selling Process used by Galpin Ford,
the #1 Volume Ford Dealer in the Nation!

The presentation helps the salesperson explain the relationship between payment and down payment and helps the salesperson get additional down payment because of a simple stair-stepped approach. Putting this presentation in the hands of your salesperson has a huge impact on their confidence. The Guest Concepts approach will help you Sell the Customer the first time.

Guest Concepts 1st Pencil Benefits:

  • Enhanced Salesperson Confidence
  • Improves Close Rates
  • Better Gross Averages
  • Helps Increase Down Payments
  • Dealer Friendly Agreement
  • Reduces Negotiation Time
  • Higher CSI Scores
  • Multiple Presentation Alternatives
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Month to Month Terms
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